Multicultural Orientation (MCO)Training

Talk Therapy Dublin is collaborating with Outcomes Matter Education and Training to deliver an exciting new Multicultural Orientation Training, that strives to move beyond traditional cultural competency frameworks. This training will be relevant to those who work with diverse and multicultural populations across a wide variety of health, education, community or social care sectors, particularly those in or seeking to enter a role such as counsellor, support worker, psychologist, social worker, or community worker.

This training will introduce you to a process-orientated model of working with diversity, such as race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic status, physical ability, religion, age as well as other aspects of diverse cultural identities. 

This MCO training moves beyond the competency framework by providing a lifelong developmental trajectory, or ‘way of being on the part of the practitioner. The MCO invites an attitude, offering a way to view and respond to diverse and multicultural presentations. A lens to view and engage with individual’s multicultural identities, values, and beliefs.

The training is highly interactive, involving group work, reflective exercises , case studies, videos and an opportunity to practice the approach in real time using an approach knows as deliberate practice.

Please feel free to make contact if any further information is required.

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