Viviane Chambers

Training & Background:

Vivi Chambers is a fully qualified psychotherapist earning her Masters in Clinical Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy from Tivoli Institute.

Before training as a therapist she worked as a registered nurse in the Intensive Care Unit, of two of the largest university hospitals in Brazil for a period of 6 years. During this time she worked with dying patients, where she gained insights and learning about the experience of existence, including grief and loss. In this process some deaths were particularly upsetting, however, Vivi thinks it is a privilege to be part of the end of someone’s life and worked hard towards making this process less painful by being emphatic and managing symptoms. Vivi also worked as a public health nurse in remote areas in Brazil for 9 years, particularly with communities facing socioeconomic disadvantage. These experiences during nursing directly influenced her growth as a person and as professional, and brought her attention to issues of inequality in societies. Vivi has also been working with the homeless in Dublin city centre for the last 10 years as a volunteer.

Vivi has a passion for being a psychotherapist, as she sees herself along a golden path that is her relationship with her clients. Vivi started working with clients when she was 19 years old as a trainee nurse. In that sense, she enjoys being a psychotherapist as she learns continuously as she helps people reach their full potential by meeting them where they are at.

Vivi brings the concept that we are body, mind and spirit into her practice. As an integrative psychotherapist she is aware about the importance of connecting these parts in order to support and empower clients. As part of her approach she uses a variety of theories such as psychodynamic, person centered, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), psychosynthesis, image work, mindfulness and meditation.

Vivi has experience of a wide range of issues in her practice including but not limited to





Grief and loss,

Cultural Differences,


Women’s health,


Gender diversity

Managing chronic illness.

She offers sessions in English and Portuguese.

Vivi is committed to providing a safe and warm space to her clients, free from judgements.

Should you want to enquire about a session with Vivi please make contact here.