Mental Health & the effects of the COVID 19 outbreak.

As the impact of the global pandemic takes effect in Ireland its ramifications in terms of mental health will gradually emerge.  This will likely become evident as the initial disbelief and distraction levels out and the consequences of this very sudden change to everyday life becomes more apparent.

In the past I mentioned research from Trinity College which looked at the impact of economic recession & mental health

Over the past weeks Talk Therapy Dublin has had contact from individuals worried about loved ones in their country of origin as well as individuals predisposed to anxiety being affected by the loss of control, disruption to routine and unreliable social media dramas linked to this pandemic.

It is clear that many life events (which can bring distress under normal circumstances) are being complicated by the fact we are in this “new normal”. Births, deaths, weddings, health conditions , new jobs and even retirement are being complicated by the uncertainty and limitations now present in our day to day lives.

Social distancing, self isolation and serious employment worries bring a risk of mental health concerns and also challenge our ability to provide face to face counselling. We will continue to provide a counselling service all through this crisis utilising video and phone options if necessary. Especially for those self isolating or in contact with vulnerable people.

We are also on hand to support front line workers with the challenges they may face and will be waiving normal fees in this regard.

If we can be of any assistance please make contact.

COVID 19 – Pandemic Resources & Information

  • Mind the Frontline – new mental health resource for all frontline healthcare staff run by a group of Dublin Psychiatrists.
  • Some advice on sleep and keeping an eye on sleep hygiene during the disruption caused by the COVID 19 outbreak – This is an area we can help with and Talk Therapy Dublin can use different approaches including CBT-I to help clients whose sleep is being severely affected

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