Gabriela Teixeira Motta


Education and Background:

Gabriela is currently completing a Master’s in Counselling & Psychotherapy with ICHAS and is a student member of the NAPCP (National Association for Professional Counselling & Psychotherapy). Gabriela has also completed a BA (Hons) in Divinity from Maryvale Institute in Birmingham, UK, and a Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapeutic Skills and Practice from ICHAS.

Originally from Venezuela, Gabriela has fifteen years of experience in pastoral ministry, during which she has lived in different countries (Venezuela, Peru, England Australia, Germany and Ireland), worked in various settings, and served a very diverse group of people from different ages, backgrounds and cultures. Gabriela upholds a humanistic approach and she values the uniqueness and inherent dignity and worth of each individual as well as their freedom and capacity to live a meaningful and integrated life. She believes that providing a warm, safe and confidential space where individuals can feel free to explore their life experiences and process them in a way that is accepting, and non-judgmental can lead to healing, growth and wholeness. Gabriela has adopted an integrative approach to psychotherapy, allowing her to adapt her work to the individual needs of each client within the therapeutic space, which allows her to support clients with various issues or areas, such as:

  • Existential/Life Crisis
  • Spirituality
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief and Loss
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Loneliness and Isolation
  • Relationship issues
  • Workplace issues
  • Work/Life balance
  • Gabriela is also developing her counselling skills outside her core training through attending
  • a variety of CPD courses some of which have included:
  • E-suicide Prevention
  • Living Works Start Suicide Prevention Training
  • Understanding Self Harm
  • Children First Training
  • Preparing to work with Grief and Loss
  • Grief and Bereavement
  • Working with Suicidal Clients
  • Supporting Clients through transitions
  • Trauma and the Brain
  • Trauma and Brain Plasticity

Gabriela upholds a high standard of therapeutic practice by attending regular professional supervision and also through the completion of ongoing CPD courses. Gabriela completed a Certificate on Technologically Facilitated Counselling and Psychotherapy and she is able to work both online and face-to-face.

She also offers a bilingual service as she speaks fluently English and Spanish.

Her preferred pronouns are She/Her.

If you would like to enquire about booking a session with Gabriela please contact us directly here.