Martha McGuinness

Clinical Experience and Background

Martha McGuinness is fully qualified a pre accredited Psychotherapist with just a few post degree hours to complete on her Masters in Counselling, Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy degree from Dublin Counselling and Therapy Centre. She also holds a BA. in Social Studies from IT Tallaght.

Martha is currently training with Grof Transpersonal Training as a Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator. Breathwork helps clients release emotions through the body. These combined modalities gives her a holistic and visceral understanding of her client’s needs.

Martha’s clinical experience encompasses complex post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual abuse, anxiety, depression and grief.

Her approach creates a warm, compassionate environment where clients feel held and safe to unravel their inner world. This empowers her clients toward a fuller understanding of themselves that widens perspectives and enables the self-belief, awareness and confidence towards positive change and a life fully lived.