Why do people become counsellors/psychotherapists?

This is a question I am often asked by people in general.   As can be seen from the below IACP video the reasons that bring people to train as a therapist are varied and tend to come on the back of previous work & life experiences.

Of course there are also those who work in the counselling/psychotherapy profession directly from training as psychologists having undergraduate and doctorate level training that can take nearly a decade.

Also see a second video below where IACP accredited therapists explain what they feel are the best things about the work of being a therapist.


2 thoughts on “Why do people become counsellors/psychotherapists?

  1. Personally I became a psychotherapists because of someone in my family went through a rough patch and I felt useless, unable to help and maybe making things worse. So I decided to start my career and I have never looked back. I only wish I knew y=then what I know now and maybe could have helped.

    • Well it sounds like you are helping now conor. I wish you all the best in your career as a therapist

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