SafeTalk – training for everyone in suicide alertness

With suicide being a serious issue in Irish society, steps can be taken by everyone to help assist those who  may be as risk.

The focus is on helping all of us move beyond common tendencies to miss, dismiss or avoid signs of suicide while also supporting the linking of the vulnerable person with agencies or people who can help.

The training is free and conducted in various location throughout Ireland.

Having completed the training I can say it is very accessible and practical and I am happy to help anyone interested in finding a training near them.

Mental health and the workplace

Due to the sheer amount of time spent by individuals in their place of work as well as commuting to it,  the workplace environment has a huge effect on the state of many people’s mental health.

This can have a measurable impact on workplace productivity and likewise workplace issues can have a very real effect on mental health outside the work setting.

Bullying,  stress, discrimination, safety and indeed employment uncertainty can all profoundly affect the state of our mental health.  This article from the financial times looks at the issue.

Talk Therapy Dublin provides a specific employee assistance counselling option for those who may be affected by these issues.