Counselling During Pregnancy

An article from the Washington post that looks at a different approach to helping mothers and their families as well as trying to offset the risks of post natal depression.

Counselling & Psychotherapy are identified as a resource that could assist Mums dealing with this massive life event and any possible risks of anxiety and depression linked to it.   The approach of doing before birth is the key rather than waiting to see what happens after.

Post Natal Depression in Ireland

With Ireland having the second highest birthrate in the EU, supporting women and families affected by this condition is a very important and often misunderstood issue.

Counselling & Psychotherapy are recommended treatment options by both the NHS and HSE.

Recent research from Trinity College Dublin highlights the issue below

Rates of depression are high amongst pregnant women in Ireland

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How do I find the right therapist?

Client often report having difficulty finding the right services and indeed the right therapist when in a state of distress.  Often GP’s and many other services are just as confused.

Here is an informative article for those considering starting Psychotherapy from the Irish Times