Tackling depression: Talk therapy or Antidepressants? Perhaps a brain scan will tell

Rapid developments in neuroscience are increasing knowledge of how the brain responds to different mental health interventions.

The below article explains recent research using a functional MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) brain scan to explore how some clients may respond better to talk therapy and others to medication when tacking depression.


Mental Health support for those in third level education

Students are proven to be a particularly vulnerable population in relation to mental health concerns.  The below articles stresses the limitations Irish third levels institutions have in relation to supporting students in distress with counselling.


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Talking Therapies or Medication – Which is easier to access?

An article from the Irish Independent a few years ago highlighting the bias toward medication when tackling mental health concerns.

Unfortunately, it also points out that while talk therapy can be a potent alternative, accessibility and long waiting lists provide an obstacle for clients.

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