MDMA & Psychotherapy for treatment of PTSD

Since, sharing an article a number of years ago I have been receiving some enquiries for MDMA assisted therapy linked to treatment of PTSD here in Ireland.

It is worth noting that this is NOT available as a treatment option in Ireland and all the article described was good outcomes in small clinical trials in the USA.

MDMA is still a class A illegal drug and while promising results were noted more research is required by the international research community. It would also require specialist training of therapists to deliver this form of treatment so is likely a long way off actual use in practice.

There are other trauma focused therapies available to clients (such as EMDR and Sensorimotor therapies) and specialized practitioners as well as therapists with additional training in these models are available for clients in Ireland.

This 2019 article gives some information on the current situation with MDMA assisted therapy for PTSD, as does this article from John Hopkins University.

Please make contact with us if you require any more information on the above.

MDMA and talk therapy being trialed to treat PTSD

In a week where the medicinal cannabis bill was passed by the Dail in Ireland, here is an article on how an active ingredient of another illegal drug (ecstasy) is being revisited for possible medicinal application – this time in order to treat PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome).

It is worth noting that the application of MDMA in this trial is in conjunction with talk therapy.  This is not unusual approach when tackling mental health presentations, talk therapy alongside anti anxiety/depressant medication is a well established treatment for anxiety & depression.