Abortion, Choice & Mental Health

With a Yes vote now a reality for Ireland in terms of repealing the 8th amendment it is now important to reconsider how we support women no matter what choice they make when facing a decision around their pregnancy.

There are a multitude of studies which have provided results that look at both sides of the debate but what strikes me as most concrete is that it is a big life decision which carries a mental health risk for some women no matter what the choice.

My experience working with women who have made difficult choices around their pregnancy is that even when it seems clear cut it is often not a simple “yes” or “no” answer especially when explored on a more emotional level.

Talk Therapy Dublin aspires to help any client wishing to process a difficult life decision and views the process of counselling/psychotherapy as a useful resource that can help clients move forward with their lives after experiencing distress. .

Below are three links from the USA & UK that look as the topic of mental health & abortion.





Counselling support for women who have had abortions

Abortion is an emotive, divisive topic often discussed with a  judgmental tone that can leave many women feeling alienated.

The below article from the Irish Independent discusses significant gaps in Irish counselling supports for women who have undergone an abortion.

Having worked with a number of women whose mental health has been affected by their experience of abortion in this country, I think it is worth pausing to consider the reality of the current situation in 2017.

Are the current support systems across the Republic of Ireland adequate for women who either choose or are forced to undergo an abortion?  Is the experience different for women not linked to the national maternity hospitals?  What support is there for those using abortion pills?