Wiktoria Fraczek

Wiktoria is a qualified psychotherapist, pre-accredited with APCP.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in counselling and psychotherapy from the Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences.   She is currently advancing her degree in general counselling to honours level.  Wiktoria has a diploma in logotherapy (a therapeutic approach that helps individuals to find personal meaning in their lives), holds an advanced certificate in Jungian studies, which has the goal of aligning conscious and unconscious aspects of personality and a foundation certificate in art therapy.  As a therapist, Wiktoria is sensitive, reflective, and often takes an existential outlook to help the client see things from a broader or opposing perspective.


Therapeutic Approach:

Wiktoria creates a space which is welcoming and calm.  She is deeply empathic with a sense of curiosity and determination when working with a client.  Wiktoria also brings a sense of working hard to understand different perspectives, while being warm, friendly, reflective and ethical.  Clients are free to share without fear of judgement. Wiktoria know that each client is different and uses an integrative approach, drawing on different models of psychotherapy depending on what the client needs.  She believes that clients are experts on their own lives but that sometimes people get “stuck” or overwhelmed.  This may be when people need objective help in helping change what they can or accepting things that cannot be changed.  As a therapist she acts like a mirror for her clients, empowering and enabling them to make the right choices for them.  She often will feed back different perspectives and is open to client feedback.  Wiktoria understands the importance of boundaries and working within a zone of competency and is continuously working on self and her professional development between sessions.

Clinical Experience:

Wiktoria has worked with clients that were experiencing depression, anxiety, low
motivation, cultural issues, bereavement, relationship troubles, low self-esteem, trauma, or
overall looking for personal development.

Prior to working as a psychotherapist, Wiktoria has worked in a special school, aiding
children with mild, moderate, and severe mental/physical impairments. Because of this,
Wiktoria understands individuals who are neurodivergent and do not fit into a standard
category. In her work as a special needs assistant, she has learnt to tune into those who are
nonverbal or have difficulty communicating their needs. This has helped her to learn to
become receptive and intuitive to the needs of others.


Additional certificates:

  • Jung Centre – Using art to work with trauma
  • ICHAS – Introduction to dreamwork
  • New Acropolis Ireland – philosophy for a living
  • QQI Level 6 in special needs
  • QQI Level 5 in business
  • QQI Level 5 in applied psychology