Occupational Therapy

Mental Health OT
Michelle Murray

Mental Health Occupational Therapists can help you if your mental health interferes with your ability to do the activities necessary for living your life.  

Talk Therapy Dublin have linked in with a new service Anchor Therapy to provide clients the option for Mental Health Occupational Therapy if required.

OT’s can help you to address your performance in areas of everyday life such as taking care of yourself (and your family), carrying out paid or unpaid work, attending school, college or vocational courses and participating in leisure activities. OT can support you to manage the challenges of mental ill health while living a meaningful life.

Mental Health OT’s can work holistically alongside a psychotherapist to help clients in distress in particular meeting clients outside the counselling room where significant issues may be in play (Homelessness, illness, Social Anxiety etc)

In some cases  Mental Health Occupational Therapy may be a more appropriate first intervention before counselling can commence.

Talk Therapy Dublin is collaborating with Michelle Murray a Senior OT and trainee Trauma Sensitive Yoga teacher.  This allows alternative options alongside or instead of counselling/psychotherapy when tackling certain mental health issues. Michelle also has training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for psychosis (Level 3 certificate) & Trauma Informed CBT.

Michelle is the founder of Anchor Therapy www.anchortherapy.ie a community based Occupational Therapy service in Dublin supporting teenagers, young adults and adults to live meaningful lives despite mental health concerns.