John Lalor


Education & Training

John is a Chartered Psychologist (Psychological Society of Ireland; British Psychological Society) and pre-accredited member of the  (IACP), having completed his Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy at IICP College in Dublin.  Previously, John attained an MA in Occupational Psychology (Birkbeck, University of London), an MSc in Cognitive Science (UCD), and a BSc (Hons) in Psychology (UCD).  He has also attained a Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (Turning Point), a Certificate in Jungian Studies (Jung Centre, Dublin), and attained his BPS Levels A & B (Occupational & Personality), and BPS Test User: Forensic Psychology.

Clinical Experience

Through his various roles, John has a wide range of experience, working in early childhood, childhood and adolescence, to adult and older adult settings.  He has focused on presenting issues such as life/occupational stress, anxiety, general anxiety, social anxiety, depression, meaning, sensemaking, relationships, family background.  John employs multiple approaches – from Integrative and Humanistic, to Depth and Cognitive-Behavioural – to fit the needs and personality of each of my clients.  His pluralistic training means that every session is democratised, where the client is a strong and committed partner in the process in deciding what works, and what doesn’t.  John likes to discuss with his clients how things are going between them; he appreciates his clients’ courage give him direct and honest feedback.  This is a journey that we take – together.

Prior to Psychotherapy

Life has taken John on an eventful and often difficult journey to arrive as a therapist.  He has worked in adult mental health, intellectual disabilities, traumatic brain injury, psychiatric facilities, schools, HR consultancy, and once upon a time he thought he might be an economist, but couldn’t do the Maths.  John believes that adds to his abilities in working with different types of clients and and he believes obstacles teach us so much more than success , which bodes well for him!

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