Choosing your therapist

With a variety of different practitioners offering sessions, and with many different models (CBT, Humanistic, Psychodynamic), it can be difficult to know which practitioner may be most responsive to the issues a client feels need to be addressed.

While not relevant to everyone, some clients may have preferences for a specific approach or focus from their therapist, and this can help lead to a successful outcome and indeed mitigate against early dropout.

Examples might be

  • Individual therapist characteristics like gender, age, ethnicity, religion etc.
  • Experience in particular areas – trauma, relationships, multicultural issues, coping with certain illnesses
  • The focus or style of the therapy e.g. a focus on the past vs present, more or less direction in sessions

One way to help clients choose a practitioner is the idea of Preference Accommodation.

Filling out this questionnaire will provide a summary at the end that you can send or communicate to us so we can try to accommodate any preferences that may be had.

A screen grab or quick photo will allow you to capture the summary at the end of the questionnaire and this can be sent to us as part of your enquiry if you feel it is helpful.