At Talk Therapy Dublin our prices for a one hour session start at

€50 (for clients out of work or facing difficult personal circumstances)

A price per session will be agreed between the client & therapist during the initial meeting and will take into account the personal situation of the client (employment, financial commitments, family obligations etc)

Private Health Insurance

Both Laya Healthcare & Irish Life Health are now covering counselling/psychotherapy on certain mid to higher level packages.

  • Laya are offering refunds on up to 6 sessions a year up to a cost of 80 euro per session.  (You would get half the cost of a session back)
  • Irish Life Health are offering the same on up to 12 sessions a year once a total value of 1000 euro in a year is not exceeded.

Please contact your provider to get information on cover linked to counselling and we can supply the necessary receipts for you to claim.

Alternative low cost counselling information and support is available to those in urgent need and who find the above costs prohibitive.

Payment methods include, Cash, Bank Transfer or Debit/Credit card.

Receipts available on request.